Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smartli and how do I get it?

Smartli is an online math learning portal that provides elementary learning material for kids in the age group of 5 years and above. Smartli follows the ‘Singapore Math’ models that is gaining immense international popularity and being adopted by many schools globally. The content of Smartli is in the form of engaging 2D videos that explain the various math concepts in a visual way.

You can purchase Smartli online by logging on to http://login.smartli .sg or visit our website at for more information.

How is Smartli similar to the Common Core standard of math?

Many schools in the United States have adopted the Common Core standard for math which has a very close link to Singapore Math. Infact, most states follow standards with the same principles even if they don’t call them Common Core. Both methods put emphasis on the process, as much as the end result, which means following specific steps to show how they arrive at the correct answer. Students are encouraged to procure a deep understanding of a topic and the focus is on the quality of what has been learnt rather than the quantity. It is easy to spot many strategies of Singapore Math being used in Common Core.

How is Smartli different from other online math resources?

Smartli has been specially designed and curated keeping in mind the requirement of the different age groups. Unlike other math learning websites, Smartli uses the ‘Singapore math’ model which builds math skills and aims to make the child not only ‘learn’ but also ‘love’ math.

Each lesson has been broken down to bite-sized videos ranging from 2 to 4 minutes. The math concepts are explained in an interesting and engaging way by the medium of 4 robots, Professor Fifi and his 3 student robots through experiences and examples that are easily relatable by every child.

How will I know what to purchase?

Smartli consists of math syllabus that corresponds to specific grades from Pre-K onwards. The math content for each academic year consists of grade wise Books with multiple chapters and lessons under each topic. Book 1 caters to Pre-K and Grade 1, Book 2 for Grade 2, Book 3 for Grade 3 and so on. You can choose to purchase the relevant Book depending on your child’s age, grade or the level of math that you want your child to learn and practice.

It is not uncommon for our parents to purchase a higher-level book for their more advanced children regardless of age.

How do I purchase Smartli?

To purchase any Book, you need to simply log on to You will be directed to a registration page. After filling up some basic information you will reach the purchase page where you select your desired Book, add it to your cart and make a payment. That’s all.

How long is my purchase valid?

Smartli is a onetime purchase. Every purchase is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. You can access and view the content unlimited times during the duration of your valid purchase.

What do I get when I purchase Smartli?

When you make a one-time purchase, you and your child can access all the topics and course material for an entire academic year.  Your child can choose to view and learn the topic of interest or whichever needs more practice, unlimited times.

Each book consists of multiple chapters. There are bite sized lessons under each chapter. For example, if you purchase Book 1, you will receive access to all the chapters and lessons covered in Grade 1.

You will also receive access to a key feature of Smartli, which is the . There are interactive mini quizzes at the end of every lesson and a final quiz at the end of every chapter for the child and parent to practice and assess their skills and understanding of every topic.

We are also working on customised test kids if your child needs special attention an any specific topic or area of learning math.


Can I download from Smartli?

Once you have registered on our site and made a purchase, you can access the online content from any device at any time and as many times as you need. Unfortunately, the content cannot be downloaded at this point.


Can my child use Smartli on his or her own?

Once you have purchased Smartli you or your child can use the log in credentials on any device at any time to access the videos.

Your child can watch the videos independently and at their own pace. They can also go back and view the lessons multiple times or attempt the quizzes to practice what has been learnt.

Will learning Smartli contradict the math method my child is already learning in school?

Quite the opposite we’d say.  Smartli follows the ‘Singapore Math’ model of teaching math that supports a thorough understanding of various math concepts rather than through rote learning. The aim is to help the child build a strong and steady foundation in math and develop a love for the subject. Once the child has understood the topic, they will be well equipped and confident to solve math problems intuitively.

What are the math topics covered in Smartli?

Smartli covers all the key math topics that are included in the entire academic year of the math syllabus of respective grades while the quiz questions help to practice and challenge the skills gained in the lesson. Pre-K to Grade 1 covers topics like Shapes and Patterns, Number Bonds, Addition, Subtraction, Length etc. Grade 2 covers topics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mass, Money, Time, Word Problems, Fractions etc.

Can my child really learn math by watching a 3-minute video on Smartli?

Well, you would be surprised. Research and experts have verified that children learn the most when having fun. Smartli videos have been created keeping in mind the attention span of young children. Through interactive tools, entertaining characters and the use of animation, the bite-sized videos go a long way in explaining key concepts in a simple and fun way. Plus, the child can watch a video any number of times and practice the questions at any time till they feel confident about the topic.

Does Smartli offer live classes or face to face teaching for children?

Glad you asked! Due to high demand, that is something that we are working on at the moment. Do let us know if you have any specific requirements. Your suggestions will be most welcome.


Is the price for purchasing Smartli worth paying?

The pricing Smartli has been based on extensive research and competitive market rates. Imagine it as being a one-time tuition fee which saves you the cost of paying month after month. Many parents agree that Smartli is an investment worth making!


Is there a free version of Smartli?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any free content. What we do offer is a highly effective math learning experience for children that will help them build a strong foundation in math.


How does Smartli solve the math challenges of every individual child?

Every child is different and so are their learning needs and patterns. At Smartli we understand that perfectly. Smartli offers personalised test kits where your child can practice a specific set of questions that have been customised to cater to his or her needs. For example, if you share with us that your child needs extra practice on the topic of multiplication. We will be happy to share additional resources and customised quizzes to fulfil that need. This feature is included with the one-time purchase of the Book and comes at no extra cost.

Can I or my child access Smartli on my phone?

Yes, Smartli can be accessed on multiple devices like the desktop, laptop and even on the smartphone and tablet using your log in credentials.

Who can I ask if I have any queries or questions?

You can get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website or alternatively you can email us at 

We are also available to answer your queries through a live chat on Facebook Messenger.